Rancilio Classe 5 USB 2 Group Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

R 55,999.00

Electric & Gas Boiler Heating (2 Group)

The Rancilio Classe 5 commercial espresso machines are able to operate on single phase or three phase power, much like other commercial offerings. However, the Classe 5 also offers a very useful factory-fitted gas-heating option (Semi-Auto only). This allows you to significantly reduce power consumption by using gas for the energy-intensive heating requirements.

Rancilio Classe 5 Commercial Espresso Machines

You could say that Rancilio's Classe 5 commercial espresso range adheres to the same principles as the beloved Silvia. These machines are designed to be simple, reliable and affordable - perfect for a small cafe, restaurant coffee offering or even a mobile coffee station.

Easy to install, operate and maintain, the Classe 5 range of espresso machines are an ideal investment for a new coffee venture. They are built with high quality commercial components including sizeable independent heat exchange boilers, pump and boiler pressure control gauges and a built in volumetric pump.


Rancilio Classe 5 S Commercial Espresso Machine Features

  • Minimalist, contemporary design

  • Easy to setup, operate and maintain

  • Available in Anthracite Black or Ice White

  • Electric and/or gas boiler heating (optional)

  • Made from brushed stainless steel, ABS and nylon panels

  • Semi-automatic brewing buttons

  • Independent heat exchanger

  • Built-in volumetric pump

  • Pump pressure control gauge

  • Boiler pressure control gauge

  • Boiler pressure control: with pressure stat

  • Manual steam wand for frothing and steaming milk

  • Hot water outlet with manual valve control knob

  • Removable dishwasher safe scratch-proof polymer drain insert

  • Adjustable feet