Nicaragua Ortiz Stoessel - Specialty

R 135.00
Type: Coffee Beans

The Ortiz Stoessel family acquired Buena esperanza estate in November 2013. The farm was in dire straits and after a restructure to the framework of the farm it was named Rajuanse Estate. The family took it upon themselves to revive the farm and to bring it back to it's glory and to harness the exceptional valley that the coffee is grown in. 

The farm is 846 hectares and currently 406 hectares have coffee planted on it. The plan for the farm is to balance half coffee grown and half natural forest. Focusing on incorporating local fauna and creating natural water springs, creeks and rivers. 

"Mother Nature only asks that you respect her, and she will bear her gifts" were the words spoken by the Ortiz family once they had started the project. 

CATEGORY: Single Estate

REGION: Matagalpa, Nicaragua

VARIETY: Parainema

PROCESS: Natural Process

ROAST: Medium/Light

TASTING NOTES: A very beautiful cup of coffee with notes of vanilla, cherry chocolate and awesome winey notes. Exceptionally balanced and wonderful coffee. 


Delicious as pour-over and plunger.