Hario V60 Pour-Over Clear Plastic Dripper

R 129.00
Type: Coffee Maker

Hario V60 Pour-Over Clear Plastic Dripper - 01 (1 Cup) / Plastic is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Hario's contribution to brewing "truth syrup" (aka pour-over coffee) has grown, and that for good reasons.

Easy and affordable, the Japs engineering of such a simple device scores You the opportunity to experience coffee that shines at its core without the need for a machine or any of the other bigger fancies. Simpler yet better is an impossibility !

Welcome to the world of tailored filter coffee which is now completely under the control of the brew-master (Yourself) with a minimum check-list of just hot water, a V60, ground coffee and a filter paper. Perfect for when You're on the move and if You're serious about the depths of flavour and effect, this is for You ! 

The easy-brew, easy-clean V60 sits directly over Your cup, and channels water evenly through the coffee by the whirlpool design of the device to draw an even final flow into the cup. Plastic is cheaper and a bit more durable while the ceramic versions of course, are dishwasher safe and have more handsome heat-retention capabilities.