Hario Skerton Plus Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder

R 849.00
Type: Accessories

Hario's contribution to brewing "truth syrup" (aka pour-over coffee) has grown, and that for good reasons.

Easy and affordable, the Japs engineering of such a simple device scores You the opportunity to experience coffee that shines at its core without the need for a machine or any of the other bigger fancies. Simpler yet better is an impossibility !

Welcome to the world of tailored filter coffee which is now completely under the control of the brew-master (Yourself) with a minimum check-list of just hot water, a V60, ground coffee and a filter paper. Perfect for when You're on the move and if You're serious about the depths of flavour and effect, this is for You ! 

The Hario Skerton hand coffee grinder has ceramic burrs for longevity and a precise grind. Far superior to steel grinder burrs. It also includes a silicon lid for the top chamber so the beans don't scatter around your preparation area.

The grounds container is made of glass and can be hermetically sealed with a lid, so you can keep the ground coffee fresh . Note ground coffee begins to oxidize after  10 minutes so best to use sooner than later.
Handy feature is the silicon foot, in which the glass container is inserted, which prevents you from slipping the mill when grinding. 

The conical grinder of the mill is made of ceramic, so it is durable, resistant and absolutely tasteless. It is easy to disassemble and then wash with gentle cleansers (nothing else) and hot water (important because coffee beans contain oil and its residue in the grinder that can become rancid over time, which in turn messes up the taste of your fresh coffee). The ground coffee container has a capacity of 100g.

Product features & Specifications

  • Base material: Silicon Fitted with a non-slip cover for stable grinding.
  • Blade material: Ceramic burr - will never rust. Sharp, durable blades.
  • Body/knob material: Polypropylene.
    Material Axis/screw/crank: Stainless steel
  • Lid material Silicon  
  • Container Material : Glass (heat-resistant up to 120º C)
  • Blade type: Conical burrs
  • Size: 8-cups -Attach the lid to use as a storage container for coffee grounds. The grinder can also be stacked on the lid for convenient storage in compact spaces.
  • Capacity: 100g approx
  • Colour: black
  • Adjustable blades - Grind from espresso (finest) to french press ( coarse)
  • Fully washable, with burr parts made from ceramic and metalic parts made from stainless steel-

Diameter of the mill (top): 89mm
Diameter of the mill (center): 70mm
Total weight: 470g
Height incl. Glass grist container: 167mm
Capacity of the glass grist container: approx. 100 gr