Expobar Office Leva EB-61 Single Boiler Espresso Machine

R 19,695.00

Expobar's single boiler Office Leva espresso machine offers solid heat-exchange functionality. A copper / brass boiler along with stainless steel casing and construction from Expobar gives affords you a robust machine waiting to be worked !

The design of steam and water each having their own dedicated outlets provides the barista the support required to focus on their skill and less on machine control. A 1.5L boiler and 2.8L tank which means more than enough steam and water capacity at your disposal, offering simultaneous utility. Sweet right ?! ... we know !

    Expobar Office Leva Single Boiler features & specifications

    • 1.5L Copper / Brass boiler
    • Heat exchange functionality
    • Vibratory pump
    • Boiler pressure gauge
    • Pump pressure gauge
    • Adjustable brewing pressure
    • Adjustable pressure thermostat
    • 58mm E61 group head
    • Expobar portafilter with double & single baskets
    • 2.8L water tank
    • 2.3L drip tray
    • Separate steam wand
    • Seperate hot water dispenser
    • Casing / Body : stainless steel
    • Cup clearance (drip tray to portafilter): ~8cm
    • Dimensions: 43cm H x 26cm W x 46cm D
    • Weight: ~20kg