Baratza Sette 270 Espresso Grinder

R 9,995.00

The Sette 270 is the mid-level model in Baratza’s Sette series. The Sette series was hotly anticipated during the eight years it was being perfected, and sprung on to the scene in 2017 to widespread acclaim.

This impressive family of espresso grinders features a long list of innovations in design. Coffee is ground from the hopper straight-thru the burrs and immediately dispensed with a minuscule half gram retention. The outer burr, rather than the inner burr, does the spinning, a revolutionary change that results in twice the grinding surface area and ultra-fast grinding. Baratza’s proprietary gearbox and powerful high-torque motor combine forces to minimize heat while maximizing efficiency and output.

Features and Functionality

In our tests, the upgrades are unmistakable. The Sette 270 is doubly quick compared to the Vario, dispensing 3.5 to 5.5 per second depending on the grind setting. The Vario does have it beat in the noise department, as the Sette is a bit louder, but for grinds in half the time we really don’t mind.

Like the rest of the Sette range, the 270 features durable 40mm steel burrs. In a step up from the 30, the Sette 270’s burrs are housed in stainless steel rather than plastic. Similarly, a stainless handle stops the hopper, allowing it to be removed when swapping between beans.

The biggest and best upgrades, though, are the stepless micro adjustment, which allow for 270 degrees of fine tuning as opposed to 31, and the three programmable timed dosing presets up from the 30 AP’s one. The Sette 270’s AP burrs can be swapped out with Baratza’s BG burrs; however, the 270’s significant adjustment capabilities makes for reliable swapping between any brew methods in a turn or two. Ready, Sette, let’s grind!

The Sette 270 is intuitive to use and program. You can adjust the grind size across 270 settings by twisting the adjustment dial, for a sweeping grind range of 230-950 microns. Jot down your favorite settings to easily and reliably reproduce results. To accommodate various brew methods, the Sette 270’s portaholder pegs swing open and out of the way to grind directly into the included 5.6 oz. grounds container, Hario dripper, AeroPress, and more.

The Sette 270 allows you to program three presets by time, and it’s incredibly accurate; allowing you to make adjustments within 1/100th of a second for a dose under 10 seconds, or within 1/10th of a second when over 10 seconds.

Why Buy It

We’re a big fan of Baratza, and the Sette line excites and delights us with all its innovations, minimal retention, convenient programmability and speedy delivery of fluffy grounds. The Sette 270 is an excellent espresso grinder to pair with any prosumer espresso machine or manual brewing set up, and provides excellent value with its 270 grind settings, wide grind range, and programmable timed grinding.